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Order a cake

You can now order our delicious gluten free cakes!

We accept cake orders from Monday to Friday – with pick-up from Monday to Sunday between 12:00-22:00. Please notify us of your cake wishes at least 2 working days in advance by sending an e-mail to Prepayment is required.

Baileyse tort (G, L) 1,8 kg 0,9 kg
  • Baileys cake
    55 €
    1,8 kg

    This royally creamy cake could be the crown jewel for your dining table. The Cocoa-sponge base and chocolate coating blend with the liquer cream layer in an excellent manner – this Baileys cake will simply melt your moth!

    Ingredients: gluten-free flourmix, cocoa powder, baking soda, sugar, butter, eggs, whipped cream, cream cheese, Bailey’s, milk, gelatin

Šokolaadi-vaarikakook (G, L)
  • Chocolate raspberry cake
    55 €

    1,5 kg

    A cake that is not skewed with chocolate! As the native name "mud cake" says, it is a soft and harder sweet on the outside. Our chefs add a lot of raspberries between the cake to balance the sweet, and as a result, this mouth-watering pleasure is created.

    Ingredients: lactose-free butter, sugar, egg, gluten-free flour mixture, lactose-free chocolate, freeze-dried raspberry, corn starch

  • Divinity cake
    55 €

    1,3 kg

    This one is an Estonian old-school classic. Just as divine and regal-looking as a divinity cake ought to be! Layers of sponge and the fluffy look of the cake will take you straight back to your childhood!

    Ingredients: eggs, sugar, gluten-free flour mix, salt, raspberries, curd, cream cheese, lemon and gelatin

Juustukook pekaanipähklipralineega (G, L)
  • Cheese cake with pecan nut praline
    65 €
    2,4 kg

    Spongy chees cake with pecan nut praline, that will turn a non dessert lover into one.

    Ingedients: sour cream, raw cheese, eggs, vanilla cream, cream, sugar, pecan, rice flour, corn starch

  • Chocolate brownie cherry mousse cake
    55 €

    1,6 kg

    Royal airy cherry and chocolate moussee cake, which is the trump card of every banquet. Pleasantly juicy and taste-stimulating delicacy.

    Ingredients: gluten-free flour mixture, corn starch, cocoa butter, sugar, egg, gelatin, chocolate, whipped cream

  • Blueberry curd cake
    55 €
    1,3 kg

    Ingredients: egg, cream cheese, curd, sugar, cornstarch, butter, gluten-free cookies, spices.

Mascarpone-pistaatsiakook (G, L) 1,7 kg 0,85 kg
  • Mascarpone pistachio cake
    65 €
    1,7 kg

    An ice cream-scented mascarpone-pistachio cake that melts in your mouth.

    Ingredients: mascarpone, pistachio paste, kitchen cream, vanilla paste, gluten-free cookies, agave syrup, gelatin, pistachio nuts, butter.

  • Strawberry cream cheesecake
    55 €
    1,5 kg

    A delicious cheesecake made from high-quality lactose-free raw cheese, which sits on a delicious base molded from almond flour and dates. Instead of sugar, we have used healthy and genuine Estonian honey.

    Ingredients: almond flour, dates, cream cheese, lactose-free sour cream, lemon, honey, strawberries, gelatin

  • Orange poppy cake
    55 €

    1,4 kg

    A modest star in KPK's cake selection. A delicious and juicy orange-poppy biscuit with a silky lactose-free curd cream between and to cover. The cake is decorated with fresh blueberries and sugar sculptures.

    Ingredients: butter, egg, sugar, gluten-free flour mixture, poppy seeds, orange, soda, salt, sour cream, curd, vanilla sugar, gelatin

  • Honey cake
    55 €

    1,8 kg

    A treat of a cake for everyone with a sweet tooth, with a gluten- and lactose-free twist KPK style. A little honey cake never hurt anyone!

    Ingredients: honey, sugar, almond flour, rice flour, eggs, sour cream, lactose-free butter and gelatin

  • Tiramisu
    55 €

    1,4 kg

    Our creamy tiramisu will always leave you wanting more! The subtle coffee taste, almond flour and mascarpone take your mind to Italy in an instant and as the cake is free of alcohol, it’s also a great dessert for tiny humans.

    Ingredients: coffee, eggs, cane sugar, mascarpone, lactose free cream, lactose free butter, almond flour, vanilla sugar, baking soda, apple vinegar and gelatin.

Vegan porgandikook (G, L, K, V) (4)
  • Vegan carrot cake
    55 €

    1,3 kg

    Vegan carrot cake is a classical and juicy cake that tastes as if grandma has just taken it out of the oven. Cinnamon, cardamom and ginger blend nicely with the sweet carrot, making you feel warm and content.

    Ingredients: carrot, gluten free flour mix, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, olive oil, cane sugar, dried apricots, pecan nut, orange, flaxseeds, coconut cream, almonds
  • Vegan Cheesecake
    55 €

    2,2 kg

Quiche (singi-juustu suvikõrvitsa) (G) 1,3kg
  • Quiche (ham and cheese or zucchini)
    45 €
    1,3 kg

    A delicious gluten-free savoury bite! There are two options to choose from: melt-in-your-mouth ham&cheese or the vegetarians favourite, feta cheese&zucchini.

    Ingredients: butter, cheese, gluten-free flourmix, whipped cream, garlic, eggs, salt, herbs, ham/ feta cheese, zucchini.